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Yankee Resources can provide exploration and development project

management including, but not limited to:

    - Project play/prospect development 

    - Development and supervision/execution of leasing strategy including mineral

        owner  negotiations

    -  In partnership with Discovery Resources LLC, 2-D, 3-D seismic program     

            supervision, including permitting, acquisition, processing and


    -  In partnership with Petroleum Resource Management, organization of 

           prospect drilling and production teams      

    - Project/Prospect risk analysis including

           Monte Carlo simulations  

           Linear and Non-Linear Multiple Regression analysis, including the relative

              contributions of various input parameters that can impact economics

Yankee Resources, in partnership with Riptide Energy and Riptide II, develops

    exploration and development projects in the western Mid-Continent and

    Rocky Mountain Basins. Current projects can be seen on the "Current Projects"


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